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Congratulations to Manfred James, Checkout Operator from FreshChoice Picton who achieved the highest points to win the overall Checkout Operator of the Year Award 2014.

Runners up for 2014 year were Bev Weal from FreshChoice Lemington, second place and Jane Simson from FreshChoice Barrington, third place, a great effort and congratulations to them both.

Manfred spoke to the audience of his experience during the competition thanking FreshChoice Picton owners Hamish and Heidi. Watson Manfred also went on to thank Carolyn, his support person and Checkout Manager from FreshChoice Picton.

Carolyn also said a few words on Hamish and Heidi’s behalf telling everyone how much of an outstanding young man Manfred is and how much the Kiwihost Training has made a difference in their supermarket.