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FreshChoice Barrington recently donated their monthly community grant of $500 towards the drug Arm organisation.

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Li Rate-Smith, staff of Drug Arm has been running an art group for clients with alcohol and other drug issues since 2014.

Rate-Smith says “we are always in need of extra financial support for resources. The group currently has 11 members who are consistently engaged in the program”.

The Drug Arm organisation are wanting to purchase some equipment for doing mosaic as we have someone coming in to show the group this medium and are needing some visual diaries for clients to use for sketching, notes and any clippings they might want to hold onto.

At FreshChoice, we are proud to support the local, New Zealand communities that our stores serve, that's why every FreshChoice store makes regular charitable grants as part of the FreshChoice Community Fund. If you are a community group such as a club, school or trust, or an individual with a community project underway and just need a hand, you could be chosen as your local FreshChoice Supermarket's monthly recipient. Each month, every FreshChoice will donate at least $500 and throughout the year there are FreshChoice Community Fund Double Up Months with at least $1,000 per store available.

If you wish to apply please complete the FreshChoice Community Fund Application Form (printable version) or use the digital fill in version. Once completed, hand in to the customer service counter at your local FreshChoice supermarket.