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When the people of South Christchurch come together

Many hands make light work, and for Christchurch, this statement couldn't be truer.

That's because the Christchurch South Community Watch provides an extra set of eyes and ears for the police and their local community. Working out of the Beckenham police station, Christchurch South Community Watch's day and night patrols are manned by 40 volunteers whose goal is to prevent crime, report suspicious behaviour, and make their community a safer place. They back up the Police and Civil Defence during major civil events like the Port Hills fires earlier this year, and patrol streets during concerts or sporting events to help prevent the theft of cars while punters are out enjoying themselves.

But while the work the team carries out contributes to the ongoing safety and harmony of their community, Christchurch South Community Watch wouldn't exist without the support of local businesses like FreshChoice Barrington.

 "We rely on local sponsorship to carry out our patrols because we don't receive any funding from the Police or the City Council," says Christchurch South Community Watch treasurer Mike Fenton. "One of our key sponsors is FreshChoice Barrington. Their continued sponsorship helps us protect our neighbourhood and is of immense value to the wider community."

"Christchurch South Community Watch carries out an essential service to our community," says FreshChoice Barrington manager Hamish Robinson. "Being a local business, we see the same faces every day and develop great relationships with the people who visit us. In order to create and be a part of an active and engaged community, people first need to feel safe. We are proud to partner with Christchurch South Community Watch so we can all work together to better serve the people in our neighbourhood.

"Our main expense is our patrol vehicle," says Fenton "We've also had to purchase high-vis jackets, dash cameras, LED torches, digital radios – even a defibrillator. We also put our volunteers through Red Cross training courses to better prepare them for working on the street and assisting in major events. The support we receive from local businesses like FreshChoice Barrington enables us to purchase the equipment we need to better serve our community."

The favour is returned to FreshChoice Barrington too.

"Although our patrols cover a large area, we always do a special visit to Barrington Mall and FreshChoice Barrington," says Fenton. "If they're having any issues outside the shop area, FreshChoice can ring our patrol car directly and we'll provide support. Our presence in the area aims to reduce criminal activity like graffiti, fighting, vandalism and car thefts.

"We know that these areas are the hubs of our community, so the safer and cleaner they are, the better they are for the people who live here."

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