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Fruit and Vegetables - A User's Guide

One of the reasons vegetables and fruit deteriorate is that they are alive and breathing. When they breath they use their own stored foods such as sugar, and so begin to lose their food value.

As soon as possible after purchase and transit the produce should be transferred to the correct storage conditions, eg greens refrigerated or potatoes to a cool dark place.  Each hour with produce sitting at inappropriate temperatures decrease its shelf life.

As we all know we need fresh fruit and vegetables for good health, and it has been recommended that we encourage 5 + a day.

It is interesting to discover that the natural pigments that make fruit and vegetables so colourful can help protect your body too.  With each passing year more evidence is discovered that supports the wisdom of eating a colour packed diet to protect from cancer, promote a healthy heart, reduce hypertension, preserve eyesight and to protect the brain.

We at FreshChoice ensure our range of fresh fruit and vegetables are sourced from top growers and suppliers and are the very best available.