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FC Tips for Stress Free Roast Web Header

Join us in celebrating Selaks New Zealand Roast Day on Sunday 5th August. A hearty roast brings loved ones together around the table. It's the combination of the meat, sides, drizzled gravy and the wine that completes this most loved meal by kiwis.

Tips for a Stress-Free Roast

It can be overwhelming when feeding a crowd and ensuring you don't overcook the chicken and remember all the sides. Here are some tips below for hosting a stress-free roast, plus some delicious recipes for some inspiration! 

  1. Go for tried and true recipes:
    It’s nice to try something new, but for a dinner party it’s best to pull out some of the classics that you know will be a hit.
  2. Always accept help:
    When your guests offer to bring a dish, set the table or help with the dishes, say “yes please!“. It should be enjoyable for all, including the host/cook.
  3. Make the meal ahead of time:
    Prep as much as possible, so you can sit down, enjoy a glass of wine and chat with guests when they arrive.
  4. Make a playlist:
    Music sets the mood for a fun gathering.
  5. Never apologise for the food:
    Is the roast a little more done than you’d like? Chances are you’re the only one who will even notice... just serve a little extra gravy on the side.
  6. Most of all, relax and enjoy yourself!